Silver Cord





Interested Burlington High School students must complete 400 hours of service during four years of high school, starting with 8th grade promotion, to receive the Silver Cord.  Fifty (50) of the total hours must be earned during the student’s senior year. The Silver Cord will be announced and is to be worn at graduation exercises. Hours must be completed as established below.  Volunteers may not receive payments or course credit for service hours.  Volunteers will document all work and will get the signature of the supervising adult on the documentation.  Service may include but is not limited to:


   Hospital Volunteer

   Performances for the community (outside of BHS)

   Volunteering at preschools or daycare outside of your home

   Volunteer coaching or refereeing

   Peer tutoring

   Teacher’s aide

   Volunteer at a Care Center, County Home, Food or Clothing Bank

   Yard work for area citizens

   Helping shut-ins (reading, housework, writing letters, etc.)

   Volunteering at humane society

   Teaching Sunday School


   Blood drives/donor


If you are unsure whether or not a particular activity qualifies for the program, see your counselor or Principal before completing the service work.


Half service credit will be given to hours completed through organizations such as Scouts or 4-H.

Remember, these are hours you are actually providing a service for somebody else.  Travel  time should not be included.


All hours cannot be from the same activity.  We encourage our students to volunteer for a variety of activities.


Completed Community Service sheets may be turned into the Counseling Office at any time.  Extra sheets will also be available there.  Please return completed sheets in a timely manner (i.e. do not turn all in on the last day). 


Two local Scholarships ($500 each) are awarded to the two students with the top service hours.  

Those hours must be recorded by the Counseling office by the last day in February.


Deadline for recording senior service hours, to be eligible to receive the Silver Cord at graduation, is

April 15th.


Service Requirements – Total of 400 Hours by Graduation


Silver Cord Form


The Burlington YMCA has lots of Silver Cord opportunities. Click here to check it out!