WHAT'S YOUR PLAN -Four Year Plans

Not sure what to do after high school? 
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A new kind of assessment to discover the career that best suits your interests and values.

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General Four-Year Plan

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Do You Dig Agriculture and Natural Resources?

  • Interested in nature?
  • Practical?
  • Curious about the physical world?     
  • Interested in plants and animals?
  • Physically active?
  • Enjoy the outdoors?
  • Good at observing, learning, investigating or problem-solving?

Are You Created For Arts and Communications?

  • Creative thinker?

  • Imaginative?

  • Innovative?

  • Original?

  • Good at communicating ideas with audio, visual, graphic, or written media arts?

Are You Sold on Business and Administration?

  • Organized, accurate, and self-motivated?

  • Leader?

  • Organizer of people?

  • Planner of events?

  • Like working with numbers or ideas?

  • Easily share written or spoken ideas?

  • Good with computers or other business machines?

Is Engineering and Technology Designed For You?

  • Are you good in math and science?

  • Like to analyze, understand and solve problems?

  • Like to know how things work?

  • Want to make a difference in the world?      

  • Want a job that’s essential to our health, safety and happiness?          

  • Mechanically inclined?

  • Enjoy designing, building, and maintaining things?

Would You Feel at Home with Family and Human Services?

  • Friendly, open and outgoing?

  • Flexible, adaptable and decisive

  • Work well with diverse groups?

  • Understanding and cooperative?

  • Work well under stress?   

  • Like to make things better?

Would You Feel Alive Working In Health Sciences?

  • Interested health / wellness and their promotion?

  • Remain calm in a crisis?

  • Help people get/stay well?

  • Sharing health knowledge with others?

  • Discover how the body works?

  • Observe and note changes in people’s health and well being?


    Discover if Engineering is for You!

    Project Lead The Way (PLTW)

    • Ladies interested in engineering check out:

  • Minority students considering engineering go to:

Take the PLTW classes at BHS and possibly earn college credit at UI or ISU.  

Contact Engineering Design and Development instructor for information.