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Four-Year College Admission Requirements

The following are general minimum admission requirements for most four-year colleges. For requirements from specific colleges, see your counselor or contact the college directly.


  • Four years with an emphasis on the analysis and interpretation of literature, composition and speech.


  • Three years, including one year each of algebra, geometry and advanced algebra.


  • Three years, including any two of the following: Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Social Studies

  • Three years, including courses in anthropology, geography, government, history, psychology or sociology.Social Studies.

Foreign Language

  • Two years of one foreign language. For specifics check with the college admissions office. See chart below for the regent college and Western Illinois.


    Foreign Language Requirements

    U of I




    4 Years

    2 Years

    3 Years

    2 Years

    Liberal Arts and Education

    All departments

    Liberal Arts

    Electives have to be selected from:

    + Film


    +Foreign Language





    +Vocational Education

    2 Years


    2 Years







    Other Departments


       800-553-4692             800-772-2037                     800-262-3810              877-PICKWIU


Iowa Regent Schools (U of I, ISU, UNI)

Regent Colleges App

Regents Admissions Index

Click the link above for the RAI calculator.

The Regent Admission Index (RAI) is used for admission to UIowa, Iowa State and UNI.


ACT/SAT Testing and Test Prep

  • Test Dates & Test Prep from the source (ACT/SAT websites)

  • Helps for College Test Prep – Free no need to pay for help

  • Test Anxiety HELP!!!


College Planning


Iowa College Access Network (ICAN)

Need Help?

  • Choosing a College - Find out what types of colleges are available, which is right for you, how to learn more about and apply to colleges.

  • Financial Aid Process - This overview of the financial aid process includes forms, filing, student aid reports and financial need

  • Preparing for College - Learn how to prepare for college and your future through academics and extracurricular involvement.

Click on the icon below for access ICAN information!

For: Loads of helpful info For: Great video presentations

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For LOADS of GREAT info available to view or print click below: 


Other College Stuff

Textbooks-Cut the Cost

  • Some new textbooks are packaged with study guides, workbooks and Web site access codes.

  • Cut the costs for college textbooks wherever possible, used texts are great cost savers.

  • Purchase the book AFTER attending class to determine what is needed.

Some helpful websites:

What to pack for college? How to manage your time and money? Let Collegexpress help!

Want a smooth transition to college? Transitionyear can give the support you need.


For Options Other than a Four Year College CLICK.

Need a job? Resume, searches, interviews: OH MY!
Here are some ideas.

Resume Baking - good builder, tons of examples

Raw Resume - helpful for understanding what goes where, provided a good summary.

Job Search Sites

Other Very Useful Websites


Career, Apprenticeships & Military Info

Apprenticeship Opportunities: Get paid while training for the following skilled trades and more.

Apprenticeship sponsor list.